Sorry for not posting in quite some time, so much has been happening at the house and we are on our last day at the rental house. We have been painting, moving, fixing and cleaning…. and there is little time for anything else.

Today is the last day I have access to my computer before we get internet hooked up in a week so I wanted to do one last post before then.

The next 2 weeks will continue to be chaotic as we will be living in the house while it is getting finished. We will not have a kitchen for another 2 weeks nor will our master bath be done until then as well. We will have to wait to reno the guest bath until later. The work will not be completed (if ever) until the middle of June. Good times!

Anyways, on to something weird and creepy. (p.s. this is Gordon’s project)

Meet Rusty:



Rusty was found in the floor joists in the basement while Gordon was cleaning. He fell from the ceiling and thus began his photo essay.

Rusty at the kitchen door

Rusty in the shower before the tile

Again in the shower

Where the toilet will live.

On the basement floor after the carpet was removed. We discovered that the glue used to adhere the carpet may contain asbestos, so the glue was scraped and the paneling was removed and we poured new concrete over the glue.

In the master bath entry

This is the old pantry cabinet in the kitchen above the basement stairs. We have been using it for our storage during the renovations. This is where Rusty lives when he is not posing for Gordon’s photos.

Rusty and his new friend, Fred, the garden gnome.


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