Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical, oh my.

Lots of action has been going on at the house, the mechanical, plumbing and electrical are all going in. The house is starting to look like it should before we get the appliances in. This week we also get these things inspected, something that can go well or not so well. Keeping our fingers crossed…..

Lately we have been getting really good at making decisions like: How many shower heads do you want and where?, What finish on the faucet?,  Where do you want the toilet?….. And so on. This whole process has taught me to make decisions quickly and move on. I am sure this will come in handy at least a few more times in my life!?

Here is a peek at what is to be made of the kitchen. There is also an island missing in these drawings that will be in the middle of the kitchen with barstool seating and pendant lights above it.

Kitchen cabinet plans

More kitchen

More kitchen

Being silly

Next week we pick out the counter tops for the kitchen and bath… Yeah, more decisions! Wish us luck.



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