Rain, rain go away….

It’s been pouring rain all week and there is not much going on at the house so I want to share this really awesome story.

After Gordon and I interviewed 4 different contractors, we chose Shelley Braun, she was positive we could make the changes we wanted and be happy with the results. After we decided on the changes, we had some wait time while the permits were going through, so Gordon and I decided to start on the renovations we are doing ourselves. I started on the guest bath while Gordon started on the fireplace. I removed most of the wallpaper, the mirror, light fixtures and the built in medicine cabinets. After I pulled one of the cabinets out, I noticed a signature on the drywall. The contractor who remodeled the bathroom signed it! After talking to my dad, who worked in construction most of his life, he told me that he always signed his work. I never knew.

Now for the awesome part:

Ted Braun  December 10, 19980 Saline, MI

Ted Braun
December 10, 1980
Saline, MI

Can you see the signature? Do you notice anything???? This person has the same last name as our contractor, Shelley Braun! I immediately sent this pic to Shelley asking if she knew this person. Ted Braun was her father-in-law! What are the odds? Her family was super excited about the signature and the fact that Shelley is doing the work in our house.

Then, while removing the kitchen cabinets a few days later, I found this on top of one of the kitchen cabinets:

Ted Braun

And when they removed the wall separating the dining room and the living room, they guys found this:

And upstairs in the master suite:

So, now the signature theme has really taken off. I have asked the guys to sign their names, I signed mine, and Shelley will sign hers before the house is done.

After we first got the house, I was searching for some hidden treasures or some stash of something fun from the previous owners, who know we would find some really cool history? Not only do we have an interesting story of how we got the house, but now we know it’s remodel history.


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