The big white house on the hill

Six months after moving across the country and starting a new life, we decided it was time to start looking for a house. We looked at what seems like every house in the city we live in with no luck. All the move in ready houses were way over our budget and the ones in our price range were trashed, some of them were not even livable. Since we were looking every day, we were on a first name basis with our realtor and even met her kids!

The housing market here quickly creeping up and houses are selling the same day they are listed for much more than the asking price, and the inventory is limited. One of the problems with living in a college town. I very quickly learned about estate sales. For those of you that do not know, and estate sale is done when the last owner of a house passes away or moves into a retirement home and they need to sell their belongings quickly. This usually also means that the house will be going up for sale too. This is exactly what happened in the neighborhood where we are currently renting. And that is how our story begins.

Front of houseSide of house


One thought on “The big white house on the hill

  1. Kiersten i remember seeing all of those wallpapers somewhere…….loved all of the pics.
    looks like you”re having fun…even Speedy looks happy.

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